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19 of January 2018

An international English section for Expat children

Management Mobility Consulting is happy to introduce you the new English-speaking international section situated in Buc, Ile-de-France region (Yvelines department), created by the PSAB Association (Parents of the English Section of Buc).

This schooling would suit perfectly your relocated employees in France and is organized by these 3 institutions:

–        Louis Bériot Elementary School

–        Martin Luther King Middle School

–        Franco – German High School


Especially created for bilingual children (English – French) or children who followed an English schooling abroad, the section helps them not to lose their bearings and to go forward on their studies.

The three institutions respect the French program imposed by the French Ministry of Education but adapt it to the international diversity of the students.

Pupils also get access to extra-curricular activities and can participate to linguistic exchanges with other countries, such as Germany.


Other advantages of The English-speaking international section

In order to make it easier for students to get to school from nearby towns, a bus network has been created. These buses are primarily filled with school children and even primary aged kids can safely travel on the buses. Map of the Network here (

Moreover, as this section is attached to the French Educational System, it is free of charge for all students.


An information meeting will be organized this month:

–        20th of January for high school

Please note that inscriptions will end on 28th January for high school, 9th March for middle school and 11th March for elementary school.


About PSAB

PSAB which means Parents de la Section Anglophone de Buc has been created in 2003 in order to promote this curricular. Some of the main objectives of the PSAB today are:

–        To take an active and regular interest in all questions pertaining to the school’s functioning and atmosphere.

–        To support the schools with the recruitment process and welcome new families

–        To organize informal gatherings allowing our English-speaking families and pupils to meet and share their ideas, experiences and challenges.

–        To organize and participate in multi-cultural activities.


For more information, you can contact these institutions by mail, phone or e-mail:

–        Elementary school Louis Bériot : 12 rue Collin-Mamet, 78530 Buc - +33 (0)1 39 56 41 32

–        Middle School Martin Luther King : 9 rue Collin-Mamet, 78530 Buc - +33 (0)1 39 56 47 48

–        High School Franco –German : 7 rue Collin-Mamet, 78530 Buc - +33(0)1 39 07 14 20

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