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Public Transport in Paris and Ile de France

As an expatriate relocating to Paris you may be interested in understanding the public transport system in Paris and Ile de France.

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The Social Security System in France – The French Public Healthcare

Social Security and public healthcare is an important issue for any expatriate relocating to France.

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Telemedicine in France: Teleconsultations and medical concierge

Telemedicine is a phenomenon which appeared already a few years ago in France but has known a great increase in popularity due to the Covid-19 sanitary crisis.

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Opening a Bank Account in France

If you plan to relocate to France and you intent to rent an accommodation, the opening of a bank account in France is recommended as soon as possible because the bank account details will be required for the booking of the rental home and setting up of utilities in France.

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Finding Rental Accommodation in France

To prepare an expatriation to France, finding rental accommodation will be one of the important challenges before relocating to France.

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Driving License Exchange and Regulations in France

As a foreign assignee coming to France you may be confronted to a number of questions related to driving in France during your assignment or expatriation.

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Travelling around France during your relocation

Travelling by train is the easiest and most authentic option for an expatriate or foreign assignee to discover France during the relocation.

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