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The Management Mobility Consulting team will be pleased to answer all your international mobility requests. Our relocation agency in France consists of a team of dedicated experts recognized for their professionalism.

In order to achieve maximum customer satisfaction, the members of our relocation company have been selected not only for their human and professional skills but also for their knowledge in the field of expatriation. As a rule, each member of our team has lived an expatriation experience outside of France and the European Union.
Thanks to these personal experiences, our experts understand all the stakes of international mobility as well as the resulting needs. They are qualified to offer high quality services for your expatriates in a relocation situation.

Our staff consists of:

Company Management

Of German origin, Martina created MMC in 1996 following her European Management Graduate Studies (NEOMA) and experience in a management and human resources consulting firm. She manages all the offices of Management Mobility Consulting in France and abroad, notably in Luxembourg, Germany and Singapore. Martina is fluent in German, French, English and Spanish.

International Mobility Consulting

Sandrine holds a Master’s 2 degree in International HR Management and a Magellan Certification at Specialist level : « Taxation of employees on international mobility ». She gained experience in various positions in the HR field. At Management Mobility Consulting Sandrine is in charge of providing outsourcing solutions of international mobility management including the calculation of compensation packages, drafting of contracts and expatriate management & consulting.

Immigration Department

Of Franco-British origin, Anthony holds a degree in Civil and Commercial Obligations Law from the University of Paris V, René Descartes. Since 2001, he has specialised in all aspects of immigration assistance (visas, work permits, residence permits...) for foreign employees settling(-in) in France. Anthony has also worked for several years as a trainer in a leading law training company.

National and international Mobility Managers and Assistants


Since 2011, Audrey has been accumulating professional experience in the hotel, tourism and teleconsulting industries before joining Management Mobility Consulting as a multi-skilled national and international Mobility Assistant. Organized and rigorous, Audrey coordinates missions for the arrival of foreign employees in France and the return of expatriates to France.


Geoffrey holds a degree in foreign languages and a Masters in Tourism Management. Having lived in Spain, he has experience of expatriation and is fluent in both Spanish and English. After a career path in tourism, with experiences in hotel industry and tourism institutions, Geoffrey manages relocation assignments of foreign employees in France or for French people back from expatriation.


Magali joined the relocation team of Management Mobility Consulting in 2017 after having worked for the international relations of an international business school and having also experienced the fashion industry. As Mobility Coordinator, Magali is the privileged MMC contact of several major CAC40 companies for whom she manages international mobility to France and abroad.


With a degree in Political Science and a Master's degree in Communication, Virginie has lived in South Africa, Mali and various regions of France. With experience in journalism, language teaching, communication and events, Virginie joined Management Mobility Consulting in 2018. As Mobility Manager, Virginie monitors relocation assignments in France and abroad. She is also in charge of communication and follow-up of MOBILI-PASS grant applications.


After obtaining a professional degree in Marketing in 2009, Emilie has worked in various positions in the field of sales and team management. At Management Mobility Consulting, Emilie manages arrival and departure missions and is involved in the administrative part of client impatriation.

With Management Mobility Consulting your expatriate employees benefit from:

A dedicated contact person

Our relocation agency guarantees you a totally personalised service. The role of the MMC expert is to take charge of the organization and management of all the required administrative formalities.

Coaching programs

Before, during and/or after the professional transfer abroad, Management Mobility Consulting offers training sessions adapted to the specific needs of each expatriate. Our offers of training programmes also include sessions dedicated to spouses throughout the whole expatriation process

An assistance throughout the duration of the expatriation to France or elsewhere in the world

Our relocation company assists your expatriate employees and their families with their relocation (lease management, assistance in finding accommodation), and all other aspects involved when settling in a different country: job seeking for the spouse, a bilingual school for the children and any other à la carte services they need on site.

The ensurance of a smooth return to their country of origin

Towards the end of an assignment abroad, the relocation agency Management Mobility Consulting guides the employee in fulfilling all the duties which arise during the departure process. Your MMC expert carries out the various steps involved in leaving the country (termination of the lease, bank account closure, forwarding of mail, etc.). Our relocation agency also sets up tailor-made training for the return (help in finding a job for the spouse in the country of origin, schooling for the children, etc.).

With the Management Mobility Consulting team of relocation experts at your side, you can rely on the professionalism of our relocation agency to successfully transfer your expatriate employees to France or anywhere else in the world.

  • «Working with MMC is not only an opportunity of career for us but a real human experience!»
  • «Through trainings on several topics related to our position such as the social security process, expatriates' safety in high risk countries or the different immigration procedures in France, we are able to regularly develop complementary skills to assist our clients and to offer them additional services.»
  • «MMC develops many tools in order to answer at the best to our clients' needs, but also our partners. For instance, our MyMobility website is equiped with several features which enable the follow up of our ongoing missions and the transmission of information packages to all actors of relocation. This facilitates our own project coordination tasks and contributes to an efficient and easy communication.»
  • «Our clients' human ressources departments can also have their own access to complete our regular reportings. This system is really adapted to our clients’ needs and to our own requirements because it has been developed by ourselves and we are able to add new features with the help of our external webmaster each time we have a new idea of improvement.»
  • «Each project coordinator is the sole contact of some of our client companies. This way, we establish a trusting relationship and our collaboration is more efficient than ever.»
  • «Our clients appreciate the fact that we treat them as human being first and not only as clients. We care about them and we want the best for them.»
  • «The priviledged exchanges with our HR clients give us new ideas to improve our services and adapt them to our clients needs. And our manager is always very supportive in our suggestion and encourages us to take initiatives.»
  • «Our team regurlarly meets, a cup of tea in hand, to discuss our ongoing missions, to talk about possible improvements and new services and to support each other.»
  • «Working with MMC is a real human experience for us, not only because of the good atmosphere within our team but also because of the important impact we feel our work has on our clients‘ mobility and the very positive feedbacks we get for our work.»
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