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Management Mobility Consulting

International Relocation and Mobility Management Services Company

Management Mobility Consulting is an international relocation and mobility management services company. Main clients include numerous top global companies, around the world. Our team is made up of highly experienced, multilingual consultants who have all experienced living and working abroad.

As a Paris based relocation, immigration and global mobility service provider, Management Mobility Consulting operates throughout France and around the world. With our offices in Nice, Metz, Luxembourg, Berlin, Frankfurt and Singapore, Management Mobility Consulting helps you organise your employees’ international transfers.

«People first and foremost are what our customers from all backgrounds expect from a mobility assistance provider.  As a family business which has grown internationally for more than 20 years, we combine the personal commitment of our team with innovative technological tools. Our motto: Always one step ahead!»

Martina Meinhold
Martina Meinhold
Founder and Managing Director

Our Relocation Team

Dedicated contact persons
Coaching programs
Assistance throughout the duration of the expatriation to France or elsewhere in the world
Ensurance of a smooth return to their country of origin


Relocation professionals in France


International transfers successfully managed


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Family Relocation with MMC

Why Relocation with MMC?

  • A wide range of tailor made services
  • Making a Real Difference to Assignees’ Lives
  • The Best Relocation Experts at your Service
  • World-Renowned Expertise
  • A Worldwide Presence
  • Going the Extra Mile Through Innovation
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Family Relocation
  • «I appreciated how helpful my consultant was. She went above and beyond helping us with everything from setting up appointments with our bank, setting up visits to apartments and then getting all required documents prepared in order to execute our lease. We could not have done it without her help. She was awesome!»

    Aaron H., 10/2023
  • «My consultant presented herself increably competent and caring. Not only she did solve everything that was proposed (and more), but also demonstrated empathy that kept us calm and positive throughout the entire process.»

    Rafael S., 12/2021
  • «Great advice, sufficient time spent to show the area, provided good summary of valuable resources, always fast and responsive throughout the entire time.»

    Luisa D., April 2022
  • «Thank you for all the help during the transition from Bangalore to Paris. I don’t think it would have been this smooth and easy without your support.»

    Neeraj V., 12/2021
  • «Thank you for taking care of us, your professionalism and your consistency has gone along ways.»

    Angel M., 05/2021
  • «My consultant was a life saver in the middle of a chaotic market. She was very professional, responsive and very knowledgeable about the rental market.»

    Gabriel O., 03/2021
  • «What I appreciated the most? The excellent organization of the housing visits.»

    Mustapha F, 01/2020
  • «What I appreciated very much? Good in explaining and the right attitude which the counsellor holds.»

    Balaji K., 10/2019
  • «What I appreciated the most? The guidance, advice and the willingness to help and listen despite the complications related to my profile.»

    Rubina K., 09/2019
  • «What I appreciated the most? Communication in English and logistics.»

    Artem, 10/2019
  • «What I appreciated the most? Very good knowledge of the market and relations with real estate agencies.»

    Matthieu C., 08/2019


Multinational-Companies Relocation Consulting Firm Of The Year In France – 2024
«Multinational-Companies Relocation Consulting Firm of the Year in France – 2024»

The CorporateINTL award is a globally recognized accolade that honors companies for their innovation, growth, and excellence within their respective industries. It is a prestigious marker of success, highlighting organizations that not only excel in their services but also demonstrate significant contributions to their field and best practices in the industry.

Innovation and Excellence Award 2023
«Innovation and Excellence Award 2023»

Our relocation agency, Management Mobility Consulting, is proud to announce the winning of the 'Innovation and Excellence Award 2023' in the category of 'Relocation Specialists of the Year'. This achievement marks our second victory in this esteemed category, demonstrating our unwavering commitment to innovative relocation management and high-quality service delivery.

Re:locate Award Destination Services Provider of the Year – 2019
«Re:locate Award “Destination Services Provider of the Year” – 2019»

Three is the magic number! Management Mobility Consulting once again won the "Re:locate Award" as the best relocation service provider, for the third time.

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