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Intercultural Adaptation, Evaluation and Training

A relocation to France is an excellent opportunity for the employee and can provide many new possibilities for the expatriate such as discovering a new culture, learning a foreign language , broadening their work experience, and also certain social benefits.

Expatriation is equally beneficial for the employee's spouse and their children.

Your relocation agency, Management Mobility Consulting, has developed a portfolio of customizable services adapted to each expatriate and his/her spouse. Follow-up takes place at each stage of the expatriate's relocation: before their departure, during their stay on site and until their return to the country of origin.

In order to facilitate the process, we offer intercultural training with the staff of our relocation company. The aim of the training is to prepare the employee and his/her family for the international move in a smooth and serene manner in order to reduce culture shock and facilitate their adaptation.

Depending on the choice of the employee or the HR department the training can be done face-to-face, in webinars or conferences.

At Management Mobility Consulting, our consultants and professionals have a solid knowledge of training and intercultural adaptability. Moreover, they have all experienced an expatriation and therefore know what is at stake. With our relocation company, you can rely on the quality of the services provided and the professionalism of the team you are working with.

The training and coaching program of the relocation agency Management Mobility Consulting includes:

The Evaluation of Intercultural Adaptability

"Inventory of foreign assignments" questionnaire:

Before expatriation, the "Inventory of foreign assignments" questionnaire allows our relocation company to assess the level of intercultural adaptability of your employee and his/her spouse.

"Inventory of missions abroad" interview:

With the "Inventory of missions abroad" interview, expatriates in a relocation situation undergo a personal interview conducted by Management Mobility Consulting experts, based on the results of the questionnaire.

Evaluation and report:

The results of the questionnaire and the interview will then be analysed in a database of more than 5,000 expatriates. This analysis will lead to the elaboration of an evaluation report called "Overseas Assignment".

Training and Courses

Intercultural trainings:

Taking into account the employee's professional background and the expectations of his family, Management Mobility Consulting team organizes webinars on the theme "Living and working in France".

Language courses:

Our relocation agency coordinates French language courses for employees who are relocating to France. Courses can be conducted in person, by telephone or via videoconference.

Customized training sessions and webinars:

The relocation agency Management Mobility Consulting sets up customized training sessions and webinars in order to facilitate the international mobility of your employees to and from France. The topics covered range from practical information (social security, international schooling) to immigration issues or relocation upon return.

Coaching for Relocating Expatriates and their Families

Spouse employment:

Our relocation agency assists your spouse in his/her search for a job during his/her expatriation to France. Our consultants provide the most effective tools and methods to integrate into the French job market and support throughout the search phase.

Coaching for relocating expatriates:

Customized expatriation programs are available before, during and after the relocation mission to France.

Intercultural and fun training:

For children and teenagers in order to prepare them smoothly for their new adventure abroad.

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