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Telemedicine in France: teleconsultations and medical concierge

Telemedicine is a phenomenon which appeared already a few years ago in France but has known a great increase in popularity due to the Covid-19 sanitary crisis.

Teleconsultations have real advantages, especially for expatriates who can easily find doctors who speak their language (or at least English).

You will find below the most important pieces of information to know about telemedicine in France


Telemedicine in France

In France, telemedicine is composed of 5 acts:

  • Teleconsultation
  • Tele-expertise
  • Medical telesurveillance
  • Medical teleassistance
  • Medical response brought as part of the medical regulation

Technically speaking, anyone can be offered and access a teleconsultation. The doctor in charge decides whether it is relevant to have a remote consultation according to the motive of the appointment.

Since March 9th, 2020 and during the whole duration of the pandemic, there have been facilitated rules to access telemedicine. A prior appointment with a general practitioner is not required anymore to get a full reimbursement (during the crisis).


Costs and reimbursement

Teleconsultations cost the same as physical consultations in a medical office (costs depend on the doctor). Online payment with a bank card is often made on a secured platform. The payment can also be made through bank transfer or cheque.

Since 2018, the Social Security system reimburses teleconsultations of up to:

  • 100% in time of crisis
  • 70% in general

Some private insurances provide you with reimbursement for some teleconsultation services and even health prevention services (such as alternative medicine or meditation).


Online prescriptions

The characteristics of an online prescription are not that different from a classic one: it is eligible for reimbursement, it is generally valid for 3 months, it can be renewed through teleconsultation and it can be delivered to get a complementary medical examination.


Medical concierges

These are entities which gather a large number of health professionals in a network that can sometimes be international. They offer various healthcare services and helps link patients with appropriate doctors or specialists quickly and efficiently.


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