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The Social Security System in France – The French Public Healthcare

Social Security and public healthcare is an important issue for any expatriate relocating to France.

The French healthcare system consists of an integrated network of public and private services including doctors, hospitals, and specialist providers. Residents are covered through mandatory health insurance contributions, with an optional private insurance available for those who want additional coverage. Government-funded agencies cover more than 75% of health expenditures in France. The system covers anyone residing in France regardless of age, income, or status, which makes the French healthcare system highly accessible, even for foreigners.


How to Register for Healthcare in France during your Relocation

If you have been living in France for longer than three months, you can register at French healthcare via your local CPAM (Caisse Primaire d’Assurance Maladie) office. You can find your local CPAM office via the website (in French). If you are employed, your employer will first register you with French social security after which you can register for French healthcare. If you are self-employed, you need to contact the Regime Social des Independants (RSI) instead. You will need to show certain documents, which can include:

  • your passport or valid ID;
  • proof of residence;
  • proof of address such as recent utility bill;
  • marriage or birth certificates, if family are to be included;

You are free to choose whichever French doctor (general physician) you prefer, but you must register with them as your ‘attending doctor’ or primary doctor (médecin traitant) in order to claim a full reimbursement via the French healthcare. Once you are registered with the French health system you will be issued with a Carte Vitale. This is a green, plastic health insurance card bearing your photo and embedded with a chip containing your name, address, social security details, and details about any exemptions for payments, but no medical information. You will need to take your Carte Vitale with you to any French healthcare appointment in order to access free healthcare or claim a reimbursement.


Reimbursements of Medical Consultations in France

Medical consultations and treatments are reimbursed up to 70% by social security, the remaining 30% being paid for by the patient who can take out supplementary health insurance to be reimbursed in full or to be reimbursed in the event of procedures considered to be aesthetic (purchase of glasses, lenses, plastic surgery, etc.). In the event of a serious, chronic or long-term illness, the basic plan provides 100% coverage.


How to Find a Bilingual Doctor in France

Management Mobility Consulting, relocation company based in Paris, France, has set up a list of bilingual doctors in Paris and Ile-de-France for their clients.

In cooperation with a specialised medical concierge services company, MMC also assist you with taking medical appointments.

You can find also find a doctor in your area by searching on the following websites:


Social Security Registration Assistance by Management Mobility Consulting

Your relocation service company Management Mobility Consulting assists you with all questions related to social security registration and healthcare in France. Our Social security specialists help you and your family with the registration at the French CPAM and give individual Social security web training sessions.

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