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Finding Rental Accommodation in France

To prepare an expatriation to France, finding rental accommodation will be one of the important challenges before relocating to France.
There are a number of websites listing the rental properties on the market at a given time. Properties are offered either directly by the landlord or through a rental agent. If a real estate agency is involved in the process, they will charge a commission based on the size of the accommodation.

Rental Conditions in France

Unfurnished property: 3-year contract

Furnished property:. 1-year contract

Tacit reconduction at the end of the period, unless the tenant gives notice according to the terms written in the lease.

Important information that must be written in the contract:

  • The exact starting date of the contract
  • The charges payable by the landlord and those payable by the tenant. In general, rent does not include charges such as water, gas, electricity and telephone bills.
  • The amount of the security deposit which will be refunded when the premises are vacated, depending on the condition of the accommodation on that day

The total amount of money payable upon signature of the lease is generally three months' rent in total (the security deposit and 1 month rent in advance)

The Inventory of Fixtures and Fittings in France

The check-in report should provide both an inventory of contents and a schedule of the condition of the property and its contents at the start of the tenancy. It is important that the inventory process is done well – landlords and tenants need to be able to compare the condition of the property at the start and end of the tenancy. Recording any changes in condition will help identify what changes have taken place and who should be responsible for them. In the case the check-in report is done by a professional, the rental agent for instance and not the landlord directly, then fees will be charged and shared between the landlord and the tenant. The check-out report fees are payable by the landlord only.

The Rental Market and Rental Prices in France

Rent is generally calculated according to the neighbourhood, type of housing and facilities provided. However, there is no exact price table for the number of rooms, floors, etc.

Most properties rented in France with a long-term contract (3 years), are rented unfurnished in and it is common for the kitchen to be equipped with neither cupboards nor household appliances, the tenant having to organise purchasing and installing everything.

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