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12 of May 2023

Eco-actions: giving new life to furniture

Recycling does not only mean putting bulky items at the waste disposal centre, without being sure that the waste will be recycled. In France, several alternatives exist, including organisations that collect unused furniture directly from the home!

Management Mobility Consulting, in its desire to offer eco-responsible alternatives to its expatriate or impatriate clients, has taken an interest in the various providers of bulky goods collection in the Paris region.

Internationally known, and established in 37 countries around the world, Emmaus is a must. Collecting furniture from donors in order to resell it at low prices in their solidarity shops, it is the emergency solution for many precarious people.

During our research, we discovered the Ressourcerie des Batignolles, which recovers furniture, but also computer equipment. With several solidarity projects to their credit - such as the provision of a place that encourages neighbourhood life, or a mobile recycling centre where you can drop off your small items and household appliances - this organisation does not lack resources!

Many people's reflex when an appliance no longer works is to throw it away and replace it with a new one. Why not have it repaired?
In Paris, a company run by five ambitious young people called Murfy offers a "small price" package for repairing a faulty fridge at home.
They also collect household appliances for resale in their shop. It is even possible to buy a new reconditioned toaster from them!

Recycling is not that complicated, you just have to know who to contact!

As part of its housing search and relocation support missions, Management Mobility Consulting helps its clients make more eco-responsible choices.
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