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4 of September 2020

French Immigration Alert: Prime Minister’s Instruction of 15th of August 2020

As indicated in our publication of 1 September 2020, the categories of persons authorised to enter French territory from countries considered to be at risk are listed in the certificate of travel to metropolitan France (this certificate is accompanied by a sworn declaration stating that the traveller does not present any symptoms of Covid-19 infection - children under the age of 11 are not concerned).

The categories of persons admitted and covered by the professional immigration system are as follows:

  • Nationals of third countries, holders of a valid French or European residence permit or long-stay visa, who have their main residence in France or who, in transit through France, are returning to their residence in a European Union country or similar.
  • Nationals of third countries holding a long-stay D visa "Passeport Talent".

As explained in our previous alert, the French consulate in Mexico City has refused to process an application for a long-stay D visa "Salarié Détaché ICT". The French Consulate in the United Arab Emirates issued a long-stay D visa "Salaried ICT Employee", while informing the person that they could not use it as long as the UAE was listed as a "risk" zone in relation to Covid-19. We expect similar responses in the other cases, even if the Direccte had previously validated in France, a file relating to a salary introduction procedure and not only consular (cf. "Employee" and "Temporary Worker" permits).

We questioned the Central Directorate of Border Police to find out their position in particular with regard to a newcomer arriving under cover of a professional visa, other than "Passport - Talent".

This authority has just returned to us with Prime Minister's instruction n°6204/SG of 15 August 2020.

This document foresees the possibility of applying for a pass at the inter-ministerial crisis centre of the Ministry of the Interior, with the aim of facilitating the exercise of an economic activity.

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