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14 of September 2023

MMC commended by Ecovadis for ethical and sustainable commitment

In the dynamic realm of the relocation industry, Management Mobility Consulting continues its steady stride towards excellence and responsibility. We are honored to unveil our recent accomplishment: a Silver sustainability rating bestowed upon us by the esteemed Ecovadis.

Central to our ethos is our unwavering commitment to ethical operations. This dedication shines through, as reflected by our commendable score of 9 out of 10 in the ethics category. Our in-depth policy, weaving together both qualitative and quantitative objectives related to business ethics, is a cornerstone of this commitment. As per the nuances defined by Ecovadis, our policy encompasses clear roles and responsibilities, a structured mechanism to handle any policy infringements, periodic review processes, and ensures consistent communication with our stakeholders.

Moreover, our foundational role in "RELOQI©", the "Zero Commission" label, reinforces our commitment to uphold a clear and honest business model. By aligning with this initiative, we emphasize our stance against accepting commissions from third-party entities, particularly real estate firms. Instead, our primary objective is to nurture a genuine and dedicated bond with our clients, offering them a business model that prioritizes their interests.

Environmentally, we strive to be thoughtful and proactive. Ecovadis' recognition of our comprehensive policy, which addresses various environmental aspects, encourages our ongoing initiatives.

Some key pillars of our environmental approach include:
Reduction of Carbon Emissions in Transportation: By adopting green logistical solutions, we are dedicated to minimizing our carbon footprint.
Educating Clients on Environmental Impacts: We value the importance of informed decisions, ensuring our clients are aware of the environmental context of our services.
Carbon Offsetting Options: For clients wishing to take an extra step in sustainability, we present options to counterbalance emissions associated with their relocation.

As we chart our path forward, we remain deeply rooted in our commitment to both our clients and the environment, always seeking to elevate our standards and practices.

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