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7 of November 2019

New measures for immigration announced by French Government

Wednesday, the French Government revealed a series of measures during the Interministerial Committee on Immigration.


Setting quantitative goals for foreign workers:

Prime Minister Edouard Philippe has announced the implementation of quotas to fill job vacancies in areas with a low number of candidates from the population already in France. After debate with the parliament, these quotas (which should not be limiting), will be transmitted to the consular and prefectural authorities to determine the issue of residence permits and visas.


Application for French nationality:

The level of French required to obtain nationality will be increased. "Instead of the current requirement of B1 oral, it will now be necessary to have this level spoken and written," said the Minister of the Interior Christophe Castaner.

Level B1 is the 3rd level on the European scale (CECRL). This level is called "language independent user".

At language level B1, the person is able to:

-       Understand the essential points of what is said provided that a clear and standard language is used, and that it is familiar things (work, school, university, studies, leisure, travel, tourism ...).

-       Produce simple and coherent speeches on familiar topics.

-       To deal with most familiar situations.

-       Sharing of experiences, events, expose projects and ideas, etc.


Towards an increase of foreign students in France:

With a target of 500,000 foreign students by 2027, the government wishes to pay special attention to higher education and especially PhD students.

France is in 5th rank amongst countries welcoming foreign students but could potentially be superseded by countries such as China which are more and more appealing to the students.

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