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2 of July 2018

The electronic registered letter: a plus for expatriates

Article 93 of the law for a Digital Republic and the European regulation e-IDAS aims to make valid the sending of electronic registered letter in the same way as the current paper format. In France, it is the decree n ° 2018-347 of May 9th, 2018 which governs the electronic registered letter, in accordance with the European requirements. The registered e-letter will be made active from January 1st, 2019.

What is the principle of the registered e-mail?

The sender of the electronic letter informs his interlocutor by e-mail that a registered mail is addressed to him and that it is possible for him to receive it or not within 15 days. In case of refusal, proof is given to the sender; for an acceptance, the e-mail provider transfers the registered letter.

The operation is therefore identical to the conventional registered letter. This system simplifies the process for everyone, especially foreign residents living in France.

What are the benefits for relocating employees?

For an expatriate, the registered electronic letter saves time and facilitates the termination of a residential lease. In addition, if the owner of the house has changed address, is on vacation or is not at home for any reason, opt for this method of shipping is practical. It ensures that the owner will receive the information.

The expatriate employee will also receive the date and time of sending and the refusal, if any.


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