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8 of February 2018

French Social Security: Changes for Expatriate Employees

Primo Affiliate employees

From now on, no matter where your impatriated employees work in France, if the head office of the company is located in one of these departments: 75, 77, 78, 91, 92, 93, 94 and 95, you can at the CPAM Ile-de-France.
We remind that it remains essential for the foreign worker that he or she resides in France and has a French mailing address.

To allow the employee to benefit from the services of CPAM, he or she is asked to fill out a form including his / her identifying information and his / her professional situation.
To this, is added a document entitled "Application for opening rights" that the employer uploads on the site (

Warning: Form 736 is now S1106!

Other supporting documents must also be included in the application file:

  • Identity card for European Union citizens, residence permit with passport page for citizens residing outside the European Union.
  • Complete copy of birth certificate, birth certificate with parentage, plurilingual birth certificate extract and any document issued by a consulate (birth certificate, individual civil status record ...) authenticated by a readable stamp.
  • Proof of status: copy of the employment contract or payslip.
  • RIB (bank account statement).

Good to know

Documents of civil acts issued in the following languages no longer need to be translated into French: Albanian, German, English, Danish, Croatian, Spanish, Finnish, Hungarian, Italian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Dutch, Norwegian, Polish , Portuguese, Romanian, Slovak, Swedish, Czech and Turkish.

If the language of the document does not appear in this list, each piece must be translated:

  • By a translator or interpreter who appears on the lists of French courts (High Court, Court of Appeal, French Court of Cassation).
  • By the Embassy or Consulate of France in the country where the act was drawn up.
  • By the Embassy or Consulate in France of the country where the act was drawn up.

No other type of translation is accepted.

The entire file is then to be sent to the following address:

SRI / Salariés étrangers
75948 PARIS CEDEX 19

Employees traveling with their family

If the employee wishes to move to France with his / her family, the request for all members must be made at the same time. The spouse and the adult children must each provide the S1106 form so that each person has his own social security number.
This number is not issued for children under 18, who depend on their parents. The document to be completed is always the attachment form S3705.

Foreign employees with a "Passport Talent"

Any employer whose employee is in this situation must apply to open the file at the following address:

Assurance maladie de Paris
SRI /talents
75948 Paris Cedex 19

It is also important to check that the residence permit is still valid.

The categories of talent passports are:

  • Long-stay visa marked "Passeport Talent"
  • Long-stay visa marked " passeport talent-famille "
  • Multi-year residence card bearing the words " passeport talent-famille "
  • Long-stay visa with a residence permit bearing the words "passeport talent "
  • Long-stay visa with a residence permit bearing the words "passport-talent-Famille"
  • "Trainee ICT" card (Intra corporate transferred)
  • “ICT trainee family” card
  • “ICT trainee” card
  • “Mobile ICT trainee family” card

What happens when the opening file is registered with the CPAM? 

The organization will then provide a registration number to the employee and each member of his / her family over the age of 18. The CPAM that will reimburse health expenses, daily sickness benefits, maternity or work accident.
An information letter is also sent to the employee, hence the need to indicate a French postal address to the CPAM. It is also by mail that the employee and his family will each receive their vital card which they will need for medical consultations.

What to do when the expatriate employee leaves France?

Whether French or foreign nationality, any employee who emigrates outside France must notify the CPAM of his / her departure by mail and return his vital card.
However, the employee is not removed from the Social Security services, he / she is simply suspended during the period of absence on French territory. It is advisable to keep carefully the social security number that will be asked for in a future application for rights upon his /her return to France.
Note: the social security number assigned to each person is valid for life.
In addition, in order to avoid the risk of fraud, if the CPAM does not receive contributions from an RSA type organization, pension plan or employer, a letter is automatically sent to the applicant for the sending of coins supporting.
In the case where no answer is given within 45 days after the last reminder, the expatriate’s right will be suspended by the CPAM.

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