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28 of December 2016

Lille : Introduction of Housing Rent Restrictions in February 2017

From 1st of February 2017 on, housing rental restrictions will be introduced in Lille as it is already the case for Paris. This was recently announced on a press conference by Emmanuelle Cosse, Minister of Housing.

Being part of the French "ALUR Law", the housing rental restrictions set fixed limits when a lease is signed or renewed. The new rent must not exceed the reference rent by more than 20 % and cannot be less than 30 % of the official reference amount.

Please be aware that the "ALUR law" does not apply to all lease contracts. Company contracts and secondary residences are for example excluded from these regulations.

The new limits could be extended to other cities such as Grenoble where the feasibility of the introduction of this type of mesures is currently studied.

In Paris, however, a study carried out by the Association of Consumers has revealed that abuses by the landlords are very common. One year after the introduction of the housing rental restrictions, approximately 40 % of the Parisian landlords do not respect this law, especially when the contract is signed without the assistance of a professional agency or provider.

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