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30 of November 2011

New Service: Livability Assessments of Remote Destinations

Setting up a new business in a remote city may become difficult for an expanding multi-national company if expatriate executives cannot be motivated to live there. Will anyone want to live in a remote location like Chongging, Urumqi, Kamtchatka or Tsumeb? Are there any medical facilities, schools, international communities, leisure and study opportunities for expat families?

With our correspondents all over the world Management Mobility Consulting can conduct on the ground, in depth assessments of remote cities to provide insights, from an expatriate’s perspective, on how livable the city is.

Our Livability Assessments help the HR understand what facilities are available and whether the location is suitable only for singles, or whether it could work for couples and for families.

The assessments will take into account the clients’ specific questions and need and can include detailed information about the following aspects:

  • Schooling options;
  • Medical facilities, hospitals;
  • Child care facilities;
  • Housing options and rental prices;
  • Security aspects;
  • Transportation issues;
  • Commuting options;
  • Food and restaurants;
  • Availability of service providers;
  • Expats and expat networks;
  • Study opportunities;
  • Leisure and sports facilities etc.