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12 of April 2017

Simplified Social Security Registration Formalities in France for Family Members

Administrative formalities will become less complex to register  accompanying family members at the Social Security in France.

They will no longer need to provide a proof of three months of residence in France as it was required in the past.

The following family members are concerned by this new regulation:

-          The spouse, partner or person living in civil unions with him or her ;

-          Minor children at their charge and, until the limit age and under the conditions determined by decree:

  • Children persuing their studies
  • Children  who, as a result of disabilities or chronic diseases, are unable to practise an employed job
  • Ascendants, descendants, relatives up to the 3rd degree in the collateral line or allied of the same degree who live at at the same residence as the registered person and who is exclusively in charge of the household duties and of the children’s education.

A document must be provided to prove this situation.